Conductor - Oldřich Halma

halma.jpg Oldřich Halma - born in Přerov ( 1907 - 1985 ), was fourth in the succession of the PSMU conductors. In 1939 he was taken to the choir to the section of the 1st bass. Later he became the second conductor and on November 11th ( 1972 ) he conducted his first concert as the choir master in Moravský Krumlov. He was well known by his choral arrangements of folk songs, especially those from Moravian - Slovakian border. They are very popular and sung by most of our amateur choirs.
The top of his activity at the PSMU was concert at the Prague Spring Festival in 1975. For many years Halma also conducted an amateur symphony orchestra as well as choir Svatopluk in his home town Uherské Hradiště.
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